Thursday, July 29, 2010

My current excuse for being lazy

Ok, I haven't blogged in a very long time.  And I've prepared a very long list of excuses...but will only share the top 3.

1.  Husband and I bought our first home, and moved in.  Which is very time consuming between signing and reading documents, cleaning things and carrying furniture.  I'd easily allocate two months to this kerfuffle.
2.  I've spent all of my time since moving reading design magazines, and blogs...and thinking of plans for our home with no correlation to reality.  Load bearing walls, budgets, time blah blah blah.  The second story devoted to the library is my favourite dream feature (it is complete with bookshelves with ladders).  In addition this library would have conceptual art from LOTR, Tim Burton and the Dark Crystal.
3.  I haven't done much sewing and in guilt, therefore no blogging.

As the weather warms up (I hope) I'm venturing into my sewing room more, and will have more projects complete.

And the last dirty secret....Katies quilt still isn't complete.  And Katie's been married for a couple of months now.  3 actually.

But, just to help understand why I might spend so much time on point number two, here is a picture of what I'm working with.  Oh, i mean the curtains, not the evil looking cats.