Monday, May 30, 2011

Lady grey sewalong update

All the way back in September I decided to participate in the lady grey sewalong.  Then I started doing local sewing classes and realised I had

AND nearly a year later, I've decided I'm ready to commit.  Being a preggosaurus, I've gotten rather sick of the idea of sewing maternity clothes, it's cheaper usually to buy newborn clothes, and there is no way I'm making clothes to fit post baby body as I'm yet to get the measurements.

The lady grey jacket however is fairly forgiving due to the pattern shaping, and by the time I finish up sewing classes in 5 weeks (before my 'confinement') hopefully it will be finished.  So far all the lining pieces as cut, and the jacket pieces, this monday it's time to cut the interfacing and start assembling!

The pattern is from the lovely Colette patterns 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

One yard wonder - fold up apron

I completed the second one yard wonder, a child-sized apron.  But wait, it doubles as a bag!  Unfortunately I don't have any small children this will fit - but we've got one on the way :P

The one yard wonder book is quite a good sewing book for beginners, a few really useable patterns.  A few very random things like legwarmers - but hey, what's not to love about the 80's?