Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh lincraft - why do you disappoint me so?

An impressive and most specific shopping list, with $60 in hand, it should have been easy.

1. Presser foot for my sewing machine. Do not stock. Any presser feet? Nooooo...
2. Sewing box for all my bits and bobs. Do not stock.
3. Size 9 quilting needles? Do not stock.

Sorry lincraft, easier question. What do you stock? Grey quilting cotton? Surely too easy - but no.

Oh to live near a spotlight again. Cheaper and better stocked.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Swing skirt project

At the moment my new challenge is to start making clothes for this year.  Being that I adore skirts, I thought this would be the perfect start.  Surprisingly it has gone very well!

I ended up having to shorten it significantly, as it ended up being middle on my shins.  Making one in bright red now.  Once that is finished I'll post pictures of both.  It's only a couple of hours to knock this up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dress for Princess

Recently SewHip magazine had a fantastic pattern by a designer Oliver +S, the free pattern link is here.
There was plenty of leftover fabric from the cupcake aprons, and I was just dying to use it again.  Although all our friends are having baby boys, my gorgeous cousin Corrine is a little princess.

I took the basic pattern, but due to the nature of the cupcake fabric, it was clearly going to be see-through, so added a lining.  Using just a white cotton, I took the same pattern piece for the dress and reversed.  Interestingly, this dress pattern would work perfectly for a fully reversible dress if you hemmed it perfectly.

It was easy to sew, the instructions were very straight forward.  I wish they had a pattern in my size!

I posted it off to Corrine yesterday, so hopefully I might get a photo back in return:)
I wish more friends had baby girls!  It's just so hard to see all this gorgeous girly fabric that I have no uses for.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chuck rug complete!

Finally Aston's rug has been completed!  The binding took longer than expected, as the edging on the hand towel was quite bulky, and needed to be cut off.  I ended up folding the now trimmed edge to puff up the binding.

Overall it was a simple project, and should take 3 hours if completely machine sewn.  It used 1/3 of a moda layer cake fabric pack.

We gave this to our lovely neighbours for their son, and it's going to be pretty handy, as apparently smushing food on one's face and surrounds, is the best fame when you're under one :)

Today we also found out our friends are expecting their second child, so best getting cracking on another!  Although all my remaining fabric from this layer cake is I hope it's a girl!

Many cupcake aprons.....

After starting the cupcake apron, the half finished project came for a visit to my friends at work, and they all loved the fabric.  Quietly resolving to make another 4 (eeek) aprons by christmas, it significantly cut into  my blogging time!  That and I couldn't blog about the top secret project....

Each apron had a hand sewn project, with the initials for my friends all stitched in to personalise them.

I will post a picture of the final apron with's just too cute.