Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh lincraft - why do you disappoint me so?

An impressive and most specific shopping list, with $60 in hand, it should have been easy.

1. Presser foot for my sewing machine. Do not stock. Any presser feet? Nooooo...
2. Sewing box for all my bits and bobs. Do not stock.
3. Size 9 quilting needles? Do not stock.

Sorry lincraft, easier question. What do you stock? Grey quilting cotton? Surely too easy - but no.

Oh to live near a spotlight again. Cheaper and better stocked.


  1. it's like being a kid at a candy store and they don't have your favourite lolly! i'm forever going to both spotlight and mainly lincraft to finding they don't have what i want or they have it but in the wrong color, size, etc. love the dress! i'm going to make one for my girl

  2. is it that the grass is always greener?- i live near a spotlight witch is my only option (I live in counrty) and god does it give me the shi*s on a regular basis!!