Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby quilt for a baby girl

When I was pregnant I was convinced that I was having a baby boy. We didn't find out but we didn't need to- it was obviously a little boy.

The upside of this was our friends who were due a week earlier were having a little girl, so how nice! One of each!

Cue quilt time. Using part of a moda charm pack, and two matching pinkish fabrics from darn cheap fabrics in Heidelberg, one quick sashed baby girl quilt was done.

This was by far the fastest quilt I've ever made, all by machine (the fact it was machine quilted probably helped the speed). This was whipped together so fast, that J was about 33 weeks preggo when I finished it.

Cue late term ultrasound. J was having a boy! Oh the spite of the quilting gods!

But it turned out ok, J has the most gorgeous bubba, and getting to meet the little man he's getting his own planned quilt. And the pink quilt? Oh cue the arrival of...

My baby girl R.

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