Thursday, April 26, 2012

A murder of quilts

What is the correct term for a great number of quilts? A pod? A flock? A....murder?

There has been a flurry of quilting activity around here, babies babies more babies and a big birthday for my own mother. The only possible gift? A very late quilt. It's okay as long ad it's finished before the next major birthday.

This is a slightly elaborate spinning wheel quilt, using the ruby charm packs and layer cakes by moda, and also a few metres of fabric from thr ruby moda range. It's been growing fairly organically, as it started with just one charm pack. Then it was just too small.
small quilt before being pinwheeled

So a layer cake was ordered.

The now medium sized quilt

But it was still too small. And it needed borders. AND there were still some 5" spinning wheels left.

The final size!  Still to be basted and bound

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