Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alannah Hill silk (AKA the one that got away)

18 months ago, I tried on a silk Maxi dress for $80.  It looked fantastic, and for some STUPID reason, I didn't buy it.  Even after the shop girl said I would regret this.  Damn her foresight.

But we'll get back to that in a moment.  Being a poor Alannah Hill addict, I have often frequented the Clear It store in Brunswick Street, where all of her excess/seconds/samples are sent.  And only recently did a dim memory reappear, of the rolls and rolls of excess fabric also sold there.  Within 3 hours, a lunchtime expedition was launched to Brunswick Street.

And oh the delight.  Printed silk, $9 a metre.  Lightweight pinstripe suiting, $4 a metre.  THAT IS CHEAPER THAN MY COFFEE!!!!  So naturally I came home with 6 metres.  Gosh was the husband surprised.

Thus, the plan is to recreate the dress that got away, in better material and the perfect fit.  Now to just find a pattern.  It can't be that hard right?

The pinstripe?  That has already been set aside for one of the following 1950's dresses.  The only question is, which one?  I'm leaning towards the one with the little underbust belt.

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