Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Summer Ruffle top

February was busy.  Very very busy.  But - we have persevered, and we are one hem away from completing Made by Rae's summer ruffle top.  While the bloggers in the Northern hemisphere are heading back there - I attempted one last ditch attempt at holding onto summer with this light top.

Overall Rae has made a fairly easy to follow pattern, which I only made one change to - being the chest band, next time I will cut as two separate pieces (as opposed to folding it over) so the straps can be sewn inside the band.

I would recommend this pattern and style to anyone quite slim - or for the girls with larger assets, if you don't have a waist belt, this would be easily modified to make an excellent maternity top.  In Australia, this most definitely is a "Bec Cartwright" style.

I've already cut the pieces out to make this in a pale purple without the frills - a quick easy to make work top!

(please ignore the washing machine, kitty litter et al)

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