Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pantaloons? Yes please!

Pinned waistband on the pants

Less pants, more chinos.  But not.  Inadvertently, I took a pattern for chinos, bought suiting material and ended up with pants for wearing out to dinner.  Only.  But that's ok, they're for the husband!  Perfect excuse to take me out for dinner more!

I previously was a subscriber to a UK magazine called sewhip, thanks to my parents for a lovely birthday present.  And I loved it....for 10/12 mags.  You see, they changed editors.  They were more based on things and clothing patterns....and somehow more random crafty shite slipped in.  Let's be honest people.  There are only so many weird oddly specific craft items you ever need.  I.e. sewn banners, or felted headbands, or finger puppets.

But, back before the editor changed, there was a pattern for mens pants....and I thought...why not?  I completely ignored the sewing skills required, and began to plan....

Pants prior to zip
There were a number of times when I should have realised this project was possibly above my skill level.
1.  When I had to ask what to use as lining.
2.  After I bought lining, it just looked way to hard and I ignored it.
3.  When tracing the pattern was really difficult. Extending the legs?  Bah.
4.  Right now when it's time to put the zip in. be honest, aside from little hiccups, they are actually coming together quite well.  While it probably made sense to not make a difficult project, I've learnt a lot more than  I've mangled.

Pant pocket topstitching

Now they are almost finished...but it would be unlike me to finish a project in a timely fashion.  Therefore, onwards with a new project, I'll be back to you in a few months pants! 

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