Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kate's fat cat

After making the original fat cat a second was requested.  This fat cat is not quite as obese as the first fat cat as seen here.  This fat cat has a few improvements, namely better ears, arms and a tail.

Working in felt is quite rewarding in terms of finishing a project quickly, but it can be quite fiddly when sewing on all the features.  I tried using my sewing machine to do some of the applique, but it's hard to make the stitch coverage even.  Then again with practice it could save me alot of time.  This fat cat was getting sewn together in the car on the way to the party.   I like to live dangerously.  (also known as foolishly disorganised).

Actually, fat cat number two is still not even as fat as the real life model.  Mei Ling likes to sit in the centre of the action.  Also known as whatever I am sewing at the moment.

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