Sunday, October 11, 2009

Projects complete!

 It's been a hell of a week- but this weekend I've been all hermitage and finally finished the fat cat, and also managed to finish a few other projects.  It's nice, feeling such a sense of actually getting something done for me :)   My husband did say that it would be nice to give to our first child.  I think it will be sitting in the cupboard for awhile then!

In trying to get Katies quilt done, I've finally made all the binding.  9m of carefully folded and wrapped up, ready to go as soon as I've finished the quilting.  I needed a bit of a break, as the stitching 4 rows on the border really felt like I was getting nowhere.  Funny that, 5 years in the making and the borders seem to take forever.  Bah.

But, what I did think was a real win was this fun little project from clothkits which was a free gift with a subscription from Sew Hip in the UK.  (thanks mum!).  It was pretty much the easiest 1 hour project.  Not that I actually needed a doorstop, but I've looked on the webby, and there are heaps of other awesome projects.  I really would like to try one of the little dresses. But this doorstop was seriously easy to make, with the full pattern pre-printed and easy to follow instructions.  

It's going well on the sewing front!  Maybe this blog to completion plan will work out!

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