Monday, October 19, 2009

Whooops, new project started

I know I'm meant to be finishing things - but I've made such good progress lately on my existing projects...I couldn't but help start making something with my moda fabric.  This cute little packet I just adored, but had no idea what to make - something small but pretty and also useful.

Hence, I thought, babies are small - I know people with babies...I'll make a gift for a friend!  And so a little chuck rug for Aston was decided upon.  Little Aston is our neighbour's little boy, who has reflux, so plenty of towels required!

I'm feeling pretty lazy today though - so I couldn't be bothered planning it out - I just started sewing and cutting - and sewing back together.  Bit silly really to chop up all the fabric just to put it back together again - but it's come up really nicely.

Now the real challenge is to finish it before Aston gets too big......

Onto the construction.  All the blocks were 5", so I chopped all of them in half to begin with.  Then there are three different types of block.  The halves sewn short end, end to end.  This made the strips above.  Then I sewed all the left over blocks long side to long side.  Then chopped it into thirds again to make almost log cabin blocks.  And that made the busy strips shown to the right.

Then when I laid it out over the hand towel I was using as a was too short!  So finally I got some extra blocks and you can see those pinned below. Again, just 5" blocks chopped in half, and then sewn long side together.

The general idea from this stage (although I'm not sewing any more tonight - red wine is on the agenda), I'll stitch this down to the hand towel, then add a border much like the binding on a quilt.  But machine sewn for a bit more durability, as I anticipate it'll be going through the wash a fair bit!  And now, I've got all the pinks from the Moda pack left....just need someone to have a little girl now....

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