Sunday, October 4, 2009

Further work on the fat cat

Finally finished the fat cat face!  It's looking really quite silly, and it's now at the stage of sewing the little cat into 3d.  The nose is a little wonky, but seeing as the cat nearly didn't get given a nose it can't be too picky about the one it gets.  Tom thinks I should sew little arms on it, but I'm not sure.  

The ears are causing me a few problems, I had originally planned to sew just two outlines together, but I think it won't make the ears as full and cat like as they could be.  Trying to google a way to make extra little inserts at the back.  And a tail - not sure whether to just sew an actual tail, or whether to embroider one.  

Need to go and get the filler next - always drives me nuts that you can only get it in such giant bags.  Seriously useful if you want to make a huge soft toy - or multiple toys.  

Maybe I should just make some more....

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