Thursday, October 1, 2009

Psychic felt skills

UGH.  So after thinking about Katie's quilt, which is most definitely close to being finished, I started thinking about all the other unfinished projects lurking in the back of the closet.

Turns out to be a couple - but not toooo bad.  (but I'm pretending not to see the denim skirt or the satin dress).  I was going to blog them all - but then I realised that was part of my divine procrastination technique, and that wasn't going to get anything finished.

But I'd forgotten about a little felt squishy toy I tried to make - which is quite amusing in hindsight.  This fat cat was started when we were just back from living in the UK, and were living with my parents-in-law.  Who could have known that I had psychic felt skills - as 18 months later I have a real life version of this little blob!

It's hard to see the extent of how fat Mei is - she tends to blob out towards the bottom end.  But she's on a special diet now, so she might even be thin by the time the felt fat cat is finished.  Unlikely though - that cat seems to spontaneously absorb carbs.  Or bacon....

I've just stitched the other eye bit on, and started with a bright red tongue.  The only problem is I did have a little red wine while sewing, and my blanket stitch got very very shady....

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